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Earth, Sol3, a 4.54 billion year old rock in the Solar System, w/ 6,795,520,671 humans.

The United States of America, (USA, or America).

Los Angeles, known as LA, or The City of Angels, or The Entertainment Capital of the World. is a 1214.9 km2 coastal city.

  • First visited by Europeans in 1542 by Captain Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and crew, and again in 1602, Captain Sebastian Vizcaino dropped anchor at Santa Catalina Island and near San Pedro, and not visited again for the next 166 years.
  • Los Angeles had its beginnings between 1765 and 1771 in the plans of a royal bureaucrat visiting New Spain, General Jose de Galvez.
  • First settled on September 4, 1781, LA was then part of Las Californias.
  • The City of Los Angeles is America's second largest city (behind only New York City), and 45th largest on Earth, with a (2008-07 est.) population of 3,833,995 million people.
  • LA is one of the birthplaces of the Internet, when UCLA sent a tramsmission over the then ARPANET to SRI in Menlo Park.
  • Shaky Town as it's called by some locals because of it's Earthquakes has hosted the Summer Olympics twice (1932 & 1984), and at one time was producing 1/4 of the world's petroleum.
  • It's the home of Hollywood, and the music/record capital of America.
  • Called 'the valley of smoke' by the Chumash tribe of native Americans, LA suffers from air pollution in the form of smog.
  • Port of Los Angeles (also called Los Angeles Harbor and WORLDPORT L.A) is the busiest port in the USA (by volume), and the 8th business in the world (5th when combined with the neighboring Port of Long Beach).
  • The city's airport, LAX (Los Angeles Internation Airport) is the 5th busiest commercial airport in the world, and 3rd in the USA. The city also owns the 3 busienss general-aviation airport (Van Nuys Airport), in the SFV
  • The city known for the automobile also has the USA's 9th busiest subway, and 3 busiest light rail system.
  • LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) is the 2nd largest in the USA (only behind the NYC DoEd).
  • Los Angeles, is North America's 3rd largest city (Urban agglomeration), with 12.298 million humans (est. 2005) behind only Mexico City (19.411 million, est. 2005), and NYC (18.718 million, est. 2005).
    • The San Fernando Valley, (colloquially known as The Valley, 818Valle or SFV), is a 670 km2 inland valley, with a (2007 est.) population of 1.76 million.
      • If it was it's own city, it would be the 5th largest in the USA.
      • It's more then 1/2 of land mass of the city of Los Angeles.
      • Cities include Burank (Indpendent), the named areas of LA; North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Reseda, Chartsworth, Woodland Hills, among others.
      • Los Angeles Valley College.
      • U. S. Grant High School.
        • Sherman Oaks, a 21 km2 (8.1 sq mi) district in the San Fernando Valley, with a population of 52,677*.
        • Relatively urbanized, with commercial skyscrapers along Ventura Boulevard as well as scattered throughout. In addition, residential densities are highly mixed, with apartment and condominium neighborhoods alongside single-story residential ones. The area is a local hub for regional transportation, business, and shopping.
          • 91423, a US postal zipcode with a population of 29,370*.
            • Milikan Jr. High School.
            • Chandler Emenenty School.

(*in the 2000 census)

  Van Nuys & Ventura
San Fernando Valley
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California
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